Can we include our dog?


Anyone that knows me is laughing at this question.  Not only is Fido welcome, I may take him home with me!  I'm a sucker for canines, but not all locations are pet friendly, so be sure to ask first.

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Props and Location?


I have various props that can be used - just ask!  I provide all props for themed sessions.  

There are many different locations that I like to use for sessions, but if you have a particular place in mind, I'd be happy to shoot the session there too.

What do we wear?


This is a common question.  Ultimately, you should wear what is comfortable for you and your family. If you are a flannel and cowboy boots kind of family, there is no need to change your style for picture day.

I recommend cordinating colors, but not being overly matchy.  Example:  earth tones with splashes of red - or shades of gray with yellow as an accent color.  Or all pastel colors - they go great together, but aren't too matchy!  Don't shy away from accessories.  Wearing a scarf or cardigan that can be shed halfway through your session will give your pictures more variety.  

As for the kids, if shoes are an obstacle, and the weather is permitting, go barefoot!  Kids can accessorize too!  Hats, vests, suspenders, flower halos, hair clips...)

Avoid shirts with writing or logos.  

If you need some inspiration check out my What to Wear Pinterest page: