A girl, a grandpa, and a horse {styled session}

I have the pleasure of photographing this girl once a year for her birthday. For this birthday session we went to Grandpa's house and took pictures with her beloved horse. This set up felt very familiar to me. When I was a little girl, my grandparents bought a pony, then later a horse for me. Well, technically the pony was for all the grandkids, but I was the one that took interest, so she kinda just became mine. We lived on a city lot in Hayden and had no room for a horse, but Grandma and Grandpa lived in Dalton on acreage. As a kid, I had no idea the amount of work (not to mention money!) that went into caring for horses. Gramps did it all. I only showed up for the fun part - and the occasional stall mucking.

The evidence of my Grandpa's love is still revealed to me in memories and revelations - even though he has now been gone for over 2 years. I am thankful to have captured for this family, a bit of that kind of love.

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