the Rouse family {soul session}

July 28, 2015

If you haven't heard about a kcp (that's kelly cottier photography, folks.  Keep up.) {soul session}, let me introduce you.  These are a "day in the life" type of session.  These are for the sentimental at heart.  A {soul session} is for the mama that wants to preserve a little piece of today.  The posed and polished portrait is beautiful, but there is also such beauty in the every day, the seemingly mundane, beauty in life - your life.   The goal is to capture the essence, the soul of your family.  I believe these pictures will be enjoyed for years to come.  I believe decades from now, when the kids have their own kids, these images will awaken memories of their childhood.  A session of my childhood, with images of my youthful mom, my beloved pets, the yellow, corded phone on the kitchen wall, my favorite rocking horse, and my brother and I playing Connect Four, would be such a treasure.  


Your home need not be magazine worthy for a {soul session}.  In fact, the lived in look totally works here.  We want kids playing with toys, and the kitchen overflowng with the aftermath of a great meal.  Real is awesome.


This particular {soul session} was captured during a morning spent with the Rouse family.  Crepes were made and cartoons were watched.  After breakfast I joined the family of 6 (can't forget the dog!) for a walk around their neighborhood.  Relaxed and natural....perfect.




























Contact me if you think investing in a {soul session} is right for you!  

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