The W Family {soul session}

Mornings start early at the W house. The house is flooded with dawning sunlight. Mom's coffee mug instructs, "Think Happy, Be Happy." Good advice. By the look of the smiles, I'd say she follows it. Superman graces Dad's cup. The kids definitely agree that the mug is appropriate. Dad is the superhero in these parts, Dad and Russell Wilson.

The house sits on a oversized, lovely lot, on a quiet, cul-de-sac, and mom has made the house a home. Bible verses to remember and birthday party invitations are pinned to the corkboard outside the kitchen. The walls are adorned not just with pictures of the kids, but also pictures of extended family and loved ones - teaching the children the value of those relationships. Like I've said before, {soul sessions} are for the sentimental at heart and this family doesn't waste energy on things unimportant. Mom is a bit of a minimalist. If something doesn't add to the love or efficiency of the family and home, it doesn't have a place there. She doesn't Facebook. She doesn't save things, she saves memories. She is frugal, spending less money and spending more time.

Little Girl just lost a few baby teeth and is growing like a weed. She's a sensitive soul and loves quiet time and to read to her brother. And he is all boy. He loves anything sports related and, just like Dad, is a proud Seahawk fan.

Thanks, W family, for allowing me in to capture a morning in your home. I'm so glad that a piece of this fleeting season is now preserved. The muffins were yummy, the laughs contagious, and the spotless house inspiring. xoxo

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