A January Boudoir Affair

No woman feels entirely comfortable with their body. In fact, even my most Women's Health cover worthy friends have body insecurities. We all have our so called problem areas. It's hard to be confident in your own skin when we live in a culture that glorfies unattainable bodies. But you know what? You man likes your body the way it is. You may be focused on your belly roll, but I guarantee he is focused on something else. Upon seeing their (unedited, I may add) images, my boudoir clients express that they can't believe that is them on the back of my camera. I truly believe that woman need to see themselves through someone else's eyes to really appreciate their beauty. We are too self critical. Why don't we stop it? Why don't we start celebrating these bodies? Let's celebrate these ever evolving bodies that have seen us through so much, that get us through all the moments and milestones of our lives. I mean, shouldn't we be looking at scars, stretch marks and laugh lines, as evidence of a life lived well? Now, go ahead and consider a boudoir session, while I read over this paragraph and try to take my own advice.

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